27m Mobile Travel Tower

27m Insulated GMJ boom lift with rotating bucket – weight rated to 350Kg.

Travel Length – 11m, Travel Height – 4.2M, Travel Width – 2.5M
Maximum side reach is 17M at 14M high from middle of truck.

Required space to set up this travel tower is 11m x 5.5m to allow for stabiliser spread and the length of the truck. Approximate set up time is 10mins depending on site conditions.

This mobile travel tower truck is a large cherry picker with boom lift, It requires a large space to set up in and needs to be 8m - 9m away from the closest workface but it has a very long side reach of 17m from the middle of the truck. It requires a set up site of 11m x 5.5m and if this is possible it’s a very versatile tower for wide or long projects. We have hired this travel tower to arborists that need to work on tall trees or trees with a wide canopy spread. Sports lighting towers up to 25m, public lighting on multi storey buildings, professional photography on residential and commercial development sites, broadcast communications for televised events, film production, rendering and external sealing on commercial and residential buildings, window cleaning, public housing maintenance, signage and banners ie: mono pole, freeway banners, building signage and installs that require reach over garden beds, car parks, awnings, balconies or other obstacles. We can also set up in certain city apartment blocks, car parks, private driveways and laneways. We use the stabiliser legs to get level on uneven terrain. The ability to level the truck to create a stable platform is a huge advantage. Self-drive boom lifts, knuckle booms and most scissor lifts are designed to cut out if they become unlevelled causing huge headaches for trades people and time blow outs on project deadlines. The absence of any stabiliser legs on this type of access equipment limits their effectiveness on soft ground, uneven ground and steep terrain due to their inability to self-level and in extreme circumstances the equipment could tip over.
The GMJ 27 metre is electrically insulated and is certified to work within safe limits of approach. Self-drive boom lifts, knuckle booms and scissor lifts are not insulated and not allowed to work in close proximity to electrical lines and electrical equipment. If work is required in and around powerlines we can provide the services of a qualified electrical spotter to satisfy legal limits of approach where required. (Spotters fees apply) 
The 23m boom lift cherry picker mobile travel tower is equipped with 2 x safety Harnesses, flashing amber lights, spot/flood lights for night works, 2 x men at work road safety Signs, 10 x road safety cones, 2 x stop/slow batons and barrier tape. (Clients to provide own PPE where required).

 Travel length
 Travel Width
 Travel Height
 20 Tonne
 Maximum Working Height
 Ground to Bottom of Basket
 Maximum Side Reach
17m at 6 – 14m High
 Continuous Slew
 360° Degrees
 Type (Front & Rear)
 Push out – down/up
 Stabiliser Spread
 Ground Clearance fully extended
 300 mm
 Fibreglass Fly Boom
 3m length
 Insulation Rating
 Fibreglass Skin Lower & Upper Boom
 5mm thick
 Size (WxDxH)
 1.5m x 0.8m x 1.1m
 Rated Working Load
Bucket Rotation